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Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:58 pm

Grand Opening !!!!


Fresh start date: 18/06/2018 07:00 PM Russian Time !
Server name: LastMU
Location: Moldova
Version: Season lll Ep l
Experience: 99999x
Drops: 99%
Bless bug: Off
Max items level: +13
Monsters HP: 100%
Points per level: 5/7
Points per reset: 1000
Reset level: 300
Reset type: Reset stats
Reset cost: 50,000,000 Zen
Max stats: 32767
Max level: 400
Max resets: 999
Guild create level: 180
Dark Lord create level: 1
Magic Gladiator create level: 1


Jewel of Soul success rate: 60%
Jewel of Soul success rate + Luck: 80%
Jewel of Life success rate: 60%
Item +10 success rate: 90%
Item +11 success rate: 80%
Item +12 success rate: 70%
Item +13 success rate: 60%


Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Golden Invasion
Red Dragon
Custom Quests
Happy Hour
Party Experience
VIP System


/reset: Resets your character (Level 300 and 50,000,000 zen is required)
/post [MSG] - Sends a global message to the server (Level 6 and 100 000 zen is required)
/pkclear - Clears all your kills (10,000,000 Zen x Kills is required)
/addstr [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Strength (1,000,000 zen per use is required)
/addagi [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Agility (1,000,000 zen per use is required)
/addvit [1-32000] - Adds point(s) to Vitality (1,000,000 zen per use is required)
/addene [1-32000] - Adss point(s) to Energy (1,000,000 zen per use is required)
/questinfo - Get full information for your Custom Quest
/buyvip - Get VIP status for 2 days (48 hours)
/vipinfo - Get full information for your VIP status
/re on - Accept all requests from other players
/re off - Reject all requests from other players
/guild - Allows you to join a guild (Face the Guild Master, right click on his character and press Enter)
/soccer [Guild Name] - Starts a Battle Soccer match in Stadium


Donation currency: $ (USD)
Web shop currency: Credits
Item maximum excellent options: 2
Item maximum level: +9
Item maximum additional options: +13

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