[EN][Model]World of Warcraft Server Promotion

Ai un server de World Of Warcraft si vrei sa i faci reclama ? Posteaza-l aici Gratis.
Do you have a World Of Warcraft server and want to advertise it ? Post it here for Free.
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[EN][Model]World of Warcraft Server Promotion

Topic: Stornwow

Website of the server: www.stornwow.com
Server Forum: www.stornwow.com/forum
Registration: www.stornwow.com/registration
Download Client: www.stornwow.com/download

Name Server: stornwow
Kill rate: 20x
Quest rate: 20x
Money rate: 10x
Honor rate: 2x
Crafting rate: 2x
Gathering rate: 2x
Reputation rate: 20x
Uncommon items: 10x
Rare items: 50x

Other information: A few words about your server

You can post maximum once a day in your topic (within 24 hours).

It is forbidden:

- Advertise with another Lineage 2 Server than the one promoted;
- Post your promotions in the topic of other users;
- Post messages with the same content multiple times (each message must be different);
- Post other links in the presentation topic other than those to the Personal Server or those directly related to it;

If the above rules are violated the topic will be closed and deleted.

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